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Loneliness does not come from having no people around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to you.
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That chocolate cupcake

That chocolate cupcake

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Distant Worlds 10: Nevermore (Prologue)

(Distant Worlds is a series of my somewhat mini-novella. Nevermore is the tenth in the series)

Rafiq Alfian bin Raziq Azharian. I guess my name is quite a tongue twister right? Well, enough with my name. Let me introduce myself. I am a Pre-TESL student from a local university here in Malacca. How to describe myself? Let’s just say that I am an outgoing person and sometimes I do talk a lot, but people often see me as an attention seeker. I don’t care about that though because I believe that there are someone who can accept me for who I am. Besides, it is just an opinion, not a fact (p/s: take a look at your TSL012 textbook under the Facts and Opinions chapter). I had finished my first semester of foundation studies two months ago and tomorrow I shall return to campus to continue my second and final semester of my Foundation of TESL studies. Sigh, I wish that the semester break is a little much longer but what to do, I do need to perform my responsibility as a student to, well obviously, study.

There were so many ups and downs that had happened to me for the past semester. At first, I thought my studies will be just fine without any disturbance in terms of the study environment or my social life. I thought it would be sunny throughout the day but sadly, the rain falls in the afternoon (you will understand if you translate the sentence to Malay). It is out of my expectation to know that most of my colleagues saw me as an attention seeker due to my outgoing and talkative personality. They were exaggerating the statement to make me look bad, but somehow I managed to ignore them, although they had given me a huge pain in the neck. I mean, in my opinion, we all are attention seekers. We want the world to recognize us for who we are, for what we are made of. It is just that the way we seek our attention will determine the way people judge us. Okay, enough with the babbling, let me continue with the story.

Oh I just can’t wait to return to campus tomorrow. I really missed the landscape of the campus. There are lots of trees that form canopies and not to mention that the lake that is located at the center of the campus. I usually jog there with my friends in the evening. Speaking about friends, I am longing for my CS110 (Diploma of Computer Science) friends. I can’t wait to meet Zaharul Hisyam. Yeah, that guy is the most supportive person ever. I was about to give up during the inter-faculty kayak race last semester, when he suddenly halted his kayak next to mine and gave me a boost of motivation and let me get a head start. Well, there are reasons why I am more comfortable to be with my CS110 friends. As I told before, my colleagues had treated me indifferently for the past semester. As a normal human being, it is normal for me to become demotivated. Luckily, these CS110 came and began to become friends with me. Ah, good times, good times.

“Rafiq Alfian son of Raziq Azharian, I can still hear you typing on the keyboard! Shut down the bloody computer and go to sleep! We need to depart early tomorrow!” shouted Bonda. Oh snap, I better go to sleep before my Bonda crash into my room and send my laptop to demise.

Memoro de la Lendufornia (Memories of Lendufornia):

Now flows the river of innocent blood

On the vast land of Lendu

My whole world is trembling

From the scourge of the plague

Prevented, by no strength

Halted, by no fate.

In the tempest of the darkest night

Behold! A star shines in glory

Against the brutal outcry

Behold: a hymn springs forth

A brilliant star: a ringing song.

Lendufornia, you will always remained in my heart.

UiTM Lendu,

I am so going to miss you. I will miss KPP3, Kolej Tun Perak, Kolej Kasturi, Dewan Bentara, Coolblog, Library, Masjid Al-Hikmah and Pak Lah Corner. Thank you so much UiTM Lendu, for giving me the experience of becoming a University student. Thank you so much :’)

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Tomato Pasta With Four Cheeses And Smoked Sausages. Awesome!


Tomato Pasta With Four Cheeses And Smoked Sausages. Awesome!


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